body in white (biw) design engineer in Emilia Romagna

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emilia romagna, emilia romagna
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Body in White (BiW) Design Engineer


  1. Summary Description

The Role’s target is to manage every activity related to designing in CAD format of BIW components assemblies and systems.

  1. Primary Responsibilities

The engineer will be part of the Function based BIW group and will be responsible for and carry out the following tasks:

Over all design in CAD format of BIW components assemblies and systems. The designer will work within a team of CAE and CAD engineers following developments of package, manufacturing input requirements and structural requirements of vehicle BIW areas.

  • Over all program for task allocated, management of timing, costing, management of CAE/CAD sub contractor and co team functions required to achieve all tasks set to achieve delivery level.
  • Component and system performance specification definition and writing
  • Advanced concept design and definition of geometry , materials application, forming and fabrication proposals for delivery of missions required of system.
  • Developing and delivering CAD models and drawings of parts and systems through the delivery process required including package development, to completion of production ready conclusive fully released designs.

The engineer will work as part of the BIW group department office based but will be expected to make visits outside or for testing and manufacturing subcontractors/suppliers as required.

The engineer will be responsible (individually or with the complete team) for improvement and development of the efficient processes involved across all aspects of functions of design performed.

As part of the team the engineer may be allocated to a specific project (F) or general development of process techniques and innovation delivery of areas of technology.

  1. Requirements
  • Engineering Master degree
  • 3/5 Years of Experience in the same role
  • Target oriented
  • To be able to work in a very dynamic environment
  • Fluent English, and To be available to learn italian
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