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system engineer autonomous driving for italdesign a Moncalieri

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moncalieri, piemonte
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offerta salvata in my Randstad


Randstad HR Solutions is looking for a System Engineer Autonomous Driving to be employed in Italdesign.

Italdesign is looking for a dynamic person, who would develop SW applications for a challenging SW project for show cars.
Italdesign is expanding research and engineering activities in the fields of Automated and Autonomous Driving. The Research Engineer on the Automated Driving team will develop software and run experiments for next generation automated driving systems. This position will include design and implementation of general purpose and embedded software. Candidates for consideration will be responsible for supporting research and developmental efforts in automated vehicle technologies.

• Design and implementation of computer and sensor architectures and interfaces
• System integration of sensors, actuators, and by-wire vehicle controls
• Development of software toolsets for acquisition, data processing, and visualization of large-scale data sets
• Development of novel algorithms for sensor signal processing, sensor fusion, feature extraction, classification and tracking, localization, 3D mapping, route planning, motion planning, obstacle avoidance, etc.
• Simulation studies, including Hardware-in-the-Loop scenarios
• Code optimization to migrate prototype algorithms to automotive/embedded systems
• In-vehicle experimental validation and testing
• Participate in technical discussions and in the creation of new ideas for automotive applications within the existing autonomous vehicle research team
• Publish technical reports, papers and/or pursue Intellectual Property rights
• Work closely and effectively with external partners – corporations, universities and automotive suppliers.

• A strong interdisciplinary background in science and engineering with solid programming skills.
• Demonstrated ability to carry out independent research and lead projects
• Demonstrated experience in executing a project from inception to finish across multiple disciplines, e.g., dealing with sensor hardware, data acquisition and analysis, mathematical modeling, algorithm development, application implementation, etc.
• Proficiency in multiple operating systems such as Windows, UNIX, Linux, etc.
• Proficiency in multiple contemporary computer programming languages and environments such as C/C++, PERL, Python, Java, OpenGL, OpenCV, CUDA, MATLAB etc.
• Proficiency in real-time, embedded applications.
• GPU, GP-GPU, Parallel programming tools and language extensions etc.
• Experience with hardware such as LIDAR, radar, cameras, GPS, IMUs, CAN bus, etc.
• Experience with algorithms such as motion control, image processing, simultaneous localization and mapping, geospatial location, rendering 3D data, computer graphics, etc.

Preferred requirements
• Prior experience in driver assistance (e.g. adaptive cruise control, etc…) or autonomous systems or features
• Experience designing, building, programing, and experimenting with robots of various kinds
• Hands-on testing and problem solving in simulation, hardware in the loop systems, and prototype vehicles
• Background in vehicle dynamics, controls theory or robotics
• Understanding of Electronic Power Steering or Electronic Stability
• Control systems
• Exposure to computer vision, image processing, or machine learning.

Additional information
• Education: Bachelor/Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Computer Engineering, Software Engineering
• Work Experience: 2+ years or new graduated people to be formed in the role
• Language skills: Fluent knowledge of written and spoken English and Italian are required. Knowledge of German/Chinese would be

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